The Architectural Marvel of Mongolian Black Granite at Harbord Diggers

Where History and Elegance Merge
Welcome to our newsletter, where we embark on a journey to Harbord Diggers, a historic landmark located at 88 Evans St, Freshwater NSW 2096. Join us as we uncover the timeless elegance of Mongolian Black Granite and its remarkable presence within this iconic venue.

Unveiling Mongolian Black Granite: A True Architectural Gem
At Harbord Diggers, the use of Mongolian Black Granite has transformed the space into a captivating architectural marvel. Supplied in a 1000 x 350 x 50mm thick size with an exfoliated finish, this granite exhibits tonal variations of charcoal and verde, adding depth and visual intrigue to its appearance.


Embracing History, Infusing Modernity
Honoring the venue’s rich heritage while embracing contemporary design, the choice of Mongolian Black Granite perfectly embodies the balance between tradition and progress. Its timeless beauty seamlessly blends with the surrounding architecture, paying homage to the past while charting a course toward a vibrant future.

A Place of Gathering and Celebration
Harbord Diggers has become a vibrant hub for community engagement and celebration. The architectural use of Mongolian Black Granite elevates the venue, creating spaces that inspire and captivate. From the grand entrance to exquisite interior features, the granite adds an opulent touch, enhancing the overall ambiance.

We applaud the architects and designers for their visionary approach in incorporating Mongolian Black Granite into the revitalization of Harbord Diggers. Their attention to detail has breathed new life into this iconic location, preserving its legacy while creating an enchanting space for generations to come.