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Australia’s leading supplier in Natural stone & architectural building materials


Our accreditation underscores our unwavering focus on meeting industry standards.


A steadfast commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


We are dedicated to providing the finest stones for a wide range of construction applications.

Explore Our Range

Embark on a journey of refined aesthetics as you delve into our captivating collection of stones meticulously curated for flooring and walling. Our range exudes timeless charm, offering a symphony of textures, colours, and patterns that will elevate any space to new heights of sophistication.


Discover our extensive natural stone flooring collection, spanning classical to modern styles. Elevate your space with timeless elegance and unmatched versatility. Explore now!



Discover our diverse natural stone walling collection, ranging from traditional formatting or linear and irregular shapes. Elevate your space and explore now!


Bespoke Rock

Experience the pinnacle of customised stone solutions with unparalleled years of expertise and cutting-edge technology. Be it intricate block stairs to irregular-shaped water feature slabs we can bring your imagination to life.


Signature Projects

At Manstone Australia, we take pride in our diverse portfolio of projects that showcase our expertise and commitment to excellence.


Harbord Diggers

The Architectural Marvel of Mongolian Black Granite at Harbord Diggers

Project Monochrome

Step into the mesmerising world of Project Monochrome.

Pavilion Performing Arts Centre

Unveiling the Sublime Beauty of Ash Grey Granite at Pavilion Performing Arts Centre.

Customer Reviews

Manstone Australia has been our go-to supplier for commercial stone projects, and they consistently deliver exceptional results. Their extensive range of stones for walling and flooring is unmatched, and their attention to detail ensures that every project is completed to perfection. We highly recommend Manstone Australia for any commercial stone supply needs.

Mark D.

Their professionalism, expertise, and top-quality stones have elevated the aesthetic appeal and durability of our buildings. Their seamless delivery process and exceptional customer service make them our preferred choice for stone supplies. We couldn't be happier with their services.

Rachel H.

We have worked with Manstone Australia on multiple commercial projects, and they have consistently exceeded our expectations. Their extensive range of stones provides us with a diverse selection for various design concepts. Their reliability and commitment to delivering superior quality stones have made them an indispensable supplier for our walling and flooring needs.

Alex M.

Their prompt delivery and excellent customer service have allowed us to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality. Their stones are not only visually stunning but also highly durable, making them an ideal choice for our commercial walling and flooring requirements.

Sarah G.

Working with Manstone Australia has been a game-changer for our commercial construction business. Their extensive knowledge of stone materials, along with their ability to source unique and eye-catching options, has helped us create striking and memorable commercial spaces. Their professionalism and commitment to excellence make them the perfect partner for any commercial stone supply needs.

Michael P.

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Our team at Manstone Australia is ready to assist you with any queries or requests you may have. Whether you need detailed information about our stone products, have specific project requirements, or simply want to explore partnership opportunities, we are just a message away.