Italian Porphyry


An extremely durable paver with multicolor earthy tones and charismatic look, Italian porphyry is an excellent choice for low-maintenance, high-traffic outdoor spaces. Its dense composition makes it resistant to wear and tear, while its multicolored earthy tones create a warm and inviting ambiance. Known for its unique colour palette, the subtle tones of grey and brown accompanied by bursts of deep purple and rustic yellows, add depth to any outdoor design. These cobblestones come in two finishes – natural top with sawn sides which offers a modern and uniform look, and natural top with split sides which exudes vintage Italian style laneways.

UOM: m2
Sizes (mm): 90 x 90
Thickness (mm): 30-50, 60-80 (varying thickness)
Bespoke Sizes: Yes (Request within additional information section in check-out)
Bespoke Finishes: Yes (Request within additional information section in check-out)

Natural + Sawn sides

Natural + Split sides

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